Sunday, August 31, 2008

God The Creator - What a dick

The case for Idiotic Design.

The idea that God created man, and created the world just for men, is an appealing one at first encounter. It makes us feel special, loved and unique. Many people feel that characteristics that earth has which makes it supportive of human life are just too perfect to have come about without intelligent design. From looking around, however, I can't help but come to the conclusion that if there is a God, and he did create this world and us to live in it, then he's either a prick or a lousy creator. If God were an engineer working for me, I'd fire him. But before I did, I'd ask him the following questions:

1. Why did you give me more teeth than my mouth can fit, this wisdom tooth really hurts.
2. Why do I shit? Could you not have thought of a better way for my digestive system to work?
3. Why is human excrement so harmful? Why did you give us that but then leave us to come up with sewage systems by ourselves? A cruel prank?
4. Why is child birth so painful? Do you really hate women that much?
5. Why do babies inherit drug addictions and disease from their mother's in the womb? Something you overlooked in the design?
6. Why did you design the human mind to be so susceptible to figures of authority? Why do so many people end up in harmful cults? Why do you design some people gullible?
7. Why did you give animals sentience if we have to kill them for food?
8. Why did you make rabbits so fast? To out run foxes and dogs? Then why did you make foxes and dogs so fast in the first place? That was a bit of a waste of time!
9. Why did you bother creating so many animals that would just go extinct?
10. Why do people get so nervous during interviews that they mess it up?
11. Why do nervous people wet their pants? A Glitch?

(If anyone has any more please leave a comment and I’ll add them to the list!)

All in all, if the god that Christians believe in does (or did); he's either pretty incompetent or pretty malicious. Either that or we're just the beta version of a soon to be finished product!

Even for Christians who accept and understand evolution, the concept of an all knowing God that would have foreseen these malfunctions arise could not be a very nice god at all.

It makes me worry - because I'm a nice guy and I'm nice to other people - that if these religious myths are true I might spend an eternity in the presence of this guy..... and man.... that would be hell!

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